Breakthrough Coaching Calls

Looking for the quick fix to lose weight and love your body?
Sorry Charley, there is nothing broken about you, and the incessant need to “fix” yourself has got to stop! 

These 3 Breakthrough Coaching Calls will allow you to:

* Share your food story; your entire life and how it relates with food and body.
*Pinpoint your biggest self-sabateur, and what you are most wanting to transform.
* Create action steps that lead you towards getting the exact results you desire.

Give yourself enough space for the call so you are not rushed/distracted. I will have you call me – that way I can record our call and send it to you afterwards to keep!

It includes:
* 90-minute Initial Breakthrough Coaching Call
* 2 Follow Up Coaching Calls (60 Minutes)
* Every session recorded and emailed for you to keep
* Action Steps – relevant to each session

3 BCCs will give you crystal clarity into where you’re at now, where you REALLY want to be, and what it is that’s holding you back. After you have completed the 3 sessions, I know there’s a chance you’ll want to take this deeper and will want more. So at the end of your time with me I promise to let you know what options are available to you and show you how to take your next step forward from here.

Ready to book your 3 Breakthrough Coaching Calls?