Three Month Program

If you are ready to admit that what you have tried in the past HASN’T worked –
at least not enough to stop obsessing about food & feel confident in your own skin – than this program is the next step.

The 3 Month Eating Psychology Program is perfect for you if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You feel ready to fully commit to growth and transformation – mind, body & soul. You’re seeking the knowledge and wisdom of how to change your thoughts (or psychology) around food, body, and overall lifestyle. You understand that the slippery slope of weight loss is much more complex than eat less, exercise more. 

The Program includes:
* Free Discovery Coaching Session (to see if you Qualify)
* 1 Initial Intake Coaching Call  (90 minutes)
* 5 Follow Up Coaching Calls (60 Minutes)
* Every session recorded and emailed for you to keep
* Unlimited text/email support between sessions
* Guides/Homework/Resources/Articles – relevant to each session
* Freebies – personalized creative content for you and your journey

Follow Up Sessions:
After you complete the 3 Month Program you can continue to receive coaching calls at a discounted rate of $80 per session.

Transform your Life Price:
$997 in full or $333 paid at the beginning of each month for 3 months. 

Ready to book your free Discovery Coaching Session?