Embody Your Life is an online program for women who are craving support, accountability, and tools to improve their relationship with self and to step into the life, the body, and mindset they truly desire.

Macy and Hannah are both long time Yoga Teachers and Mind Body Eating Coaches. Embody Your Life is a compilation of everything we practice, learn, and know through our certifications and life experiences. We are in this with you! We look forward to guiding you through this program.

There are two different ways you can do the work in Embody Your Life:

#1 » Join us in our upcoming LIVE Embody Your Life Program, the Summer Self Edition 2019; we begin June 25th! There’s something really special about going through this program in real time. It holds you accountable. You have the ability to receive 1:1 coaching. You receive new content + bonuses + updates.

#2 » You can purchase the Embody Your Life Archives, for a fraction of the price, and go through one of our previous editions that was recorded and packaged up nicely in a self-study course. You still receive the entire workbook, all the calls, and all the bonuses. Listen in and implement whenever and wherever you like. It’s a sweet way to treat-yo-self to some coaching, yoga, and meditation – for under $100.

Breakdown of the 8 Weeks

Week 1: Intention 
We will spend time with Introductions and go over details + housekeeping for the next 8 Weeks. Then, we will help you craft your Intention, or overarching focus for the EYL Program. This will set the tone for the rest of our time together, and allow you to feel very clear about what you want, and why you want it.

Week 2: Vision
Week 2 is all about Vision. We will go over the Process of Manifestation, how to use Visualization for your own good, and Identify any limiting beliefs that are in your way. Then, you will bring your Intention to life by creating an Embodiment Roadmap, and decide what baby steps are going to get you where you’re wanting to go.

Week 3: Nourish
The third Coaching Call our focus is Nourish. You  can have a great Intention + Vision, but both will fall short without proper nutrition, eating psychology, and mind body eating. We will teach you everything we have learned from the Institute for Psychology of Eating + talk about our own personal stories with binge / emotional eating and how we transformed our relationship with food + body.

Week 4: Flow
The halfway mark for the Embody Your Life Program! There’s a strong focus on exercise, mindful movement, and how to feel better (not worse) after you workout. We will introduce some of our favorite yoga practices, mindfulness techniques, and cross training ideas to help you feel ‘in the flow’ instead of against it.

Week 5: Design
Week 5 is putting everything together you’ve learned so far. We will Reflect on the first four Weeks to see what’s been going well, identify where you have felt resistance, and what needs to change in order to feel the way you want to feel. Then, you will complete a Future writing exercise that is sure to help you Design your life the exact way you desire.

Week 6: Trust
Week 6 is going to challenge you to Trust the process. You will check back in with your Embodiment Roadmap and rate how it’s going. We will teach you the importance of routines, rhythms, and universal guidance to help you feel peace and Trust within yourself.

Week 7: Surrender
Week 7 we go even deeper by teaching you how to Surrender. This idea is not about giving up, or giving in. Instead, you will face reality, become a witness to yourself, and learn how to relax in the face of uncertainty. You will stop fighting, pushing, resisting – and lean into what you really want to experience. 

Week 8: Embody
The Final Coaching Call of the Embody Your Life Program! Week 8 you will Embody all that you have designed and created within the Program. It’s time to become who you want to be and step into your power. You can only shift from a place of Love, and that’s exactly what you will be open to. After this call you will have all the tools and resources available for you to shift back to Love and Embody Your Life!


> Intention Meditation
> Embodiment Roadmap Handout
> Mind Body Nutritional Dimensions (90 Minute Training)
> 4 Exclusive Yoga Videos 
> 4 Meditation Audios
> 30-Minute Private Coaching Session
(after the program is complete)