I love strength training!

But if all you do is lift heavy and don’t focus on flexibility, you could be leaving the gym feeling like…

strength training

I’m a yogi at heart, but growing up I was a multi-sport athlete. Track, volleyball, and basketball were my sports in high school. I continued to run track in college for two years before I said, ‘this shiz is for the birds.’ My body just hurt too much!

That’s when I crossed over to the motherland of yoga and rehabilitation. It sure does feel sweet to not be in pain anymore. I realized that lifting heavy weights, pounding on pavement, and overtraining wasn’t worth it.

I see several crossfitters and strength training athletes for private yoga/stretch/pilates, and I wanted to create a video that they can do at-home in between sessions. Wa-La! This sequence includes everything important for strength training. Hips open, hamstrings lengthen, and glutes strengthen. Let me know how you feel afterwards!

If you are that person that says, “I hate yoga. I hate stretching. It doesn’t come natural to me.” It didn’t for me at first either. Just like anything else it takes time, and human behavior is to hate something unless we feel like we are good at it, or at least don’t look like an idiot doing it.

So start out practicing at home, and once you get more comfortable try out a yoga class or private session with me.  I also create custom videos tailored to exactly what you need to focus on. If you live in the Denver Metro – check out my Private Yoga Program!

Light & Love,