I’m honored that your path has led you here to Hungry YOGA. Whether you are curious about yoga, eating psychology, or searching for support on a healing journey, I hope that you find this site useful and uplifting.

My intention is to build a community of people who are open-minded, vulnerable, and willing to share their story in order to help themselves and others heal their everyday personal struggles. I have found that yoga, unity with others, healing foods, and a positive mindset can all be very useful when wanting to change or manage our thoughts, patterns, and emotions.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, I specialize in helping young women and athletes overcome a negative relationship with food. Symptoms could include binge eating, overeating, negative body image, over-exercising, obsessive compulsive thoughts, perfectionism, addiction, career change, etc. I inspire others to end the guilt and shame game, and step back into their life force by narrowing down the biggest stressors in their lifestyle. Instead of restricting, I ADD incremental goals so we can slowly change not who they are, but how they are choosing to be in this world.

My public yoga classes are alignment based Vinyasa Flow with intention setting and meditation in every class. They are open to all-levels from beginners to advanced, and will challenge you mentally, physically, and spiritually. I believe yoga is a platform for anyone who is searching to deepen their meaning in life.

I also provide private therapeutic yoga sessions at Ascent Therapy Clinic (physical therapy)  in Littleton, Colorado. If public classes are too intimidating or you are working through an injury or post-op, then you may enjoy the one-on-one experience that we provide. If your injury is serious you will be working both with a PT and myself, combining Western and Eastern medicine to receive the best care possible.

My life experiences, practice, teachers, students, family, and friends have all inspired me to where I am today. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to help others by sharing knowledge and wisdom that has helped me continue to evolve and grow into the coach and healer that I am today.

Anyone who is interested or curious is welcome in my space. All I ask is that you respect yourself and have empathy for others.

You can connect with me via email, follow my blog for new posts, and connect on social media for everyday inspiration!


Stay Hungry,



2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. I see so much grow in your writing, wisdom, and purpose. I am so proud of you for seeking clarity in what you put your energy into! So proud that you Love what you do & that you had the courage to leave what was unfulfilling. XO


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