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Stop Emotionally Eating & Feel at Peace with your Body!

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Yoga Philosophy

Make mindful movement a part of your everyday & learn healthy coping skills

Eating Psychology

Learn the deeper meaning behind why you are emotionally eating & how to relax around food.

Lifestyle Design

Design & Visualize a Lifestyle & Career you LOVE.

Are you frustrated that you overeat, binge eat, or emotionally eat?
Do you feel like you always eat more than you should, even when you’re not hungry?
You are constantly thinking about food, or the next time you are able to eat…
Label foods as good or bad, but still eat the ‘bad foods’
Ice cream, cookies, chips, and fast food.
In fact, those are the exact foods you reach for when you have the urge to binge.
It’s like you don’t have a choice because there is so much power and tension behind it.
It feels like an addiction, and is very hard not to act upon.

Hey There,
My name is Macy, and I’m so glad that you found this community. My mission and passion as a Coach is to guide women who sabotage their deepest desires by emotionally eating so that they can have a healthy relationship with food, body image, and lifestyle without shame or punishment