Mind Body Eating Program


A transformational program that changes your relationship with food, body image, and self-care.


Mind Body Eating Program

I created this program with a group of students who helped me to turn it into a self-study course, so now you too, can benefit from this program.

I’m a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach through the Institute for Psychology of Eating. I received this training in 2013, and have been studying nutrition, the mind-body connection, spirituality, yoga, meditation, manifestation, and most recently, gratitude ever since.

In my own personal journey, I used to struggle with binge and emotional eating. Like many of you, I didn’t know how else to cope with the everyday struggles and stresses that our modern day society has. If you’re feeling completely burnt out on “trying to do it all, and be it all” then I think you will really enjoy this program.

This stressful state of eating also led to weight gain, poor body image, negative thoughts and beliefs about myself, self-sabotage, and negatively impacted my relationships, career/job, mental health, and overall well-being.

I wanted to create a program that I wish I would have had when I was really suffering with food, body image, and self worth. If only I had known how much yoga and slowing down would help me get connected to my true self again. If only I had known some very simple but profound principles about eating and relationship with food. If I had found some of the resources that I’m about to share with you sooner, I wouldn’t have had to struggle for as long as I did.

Before you even think about purchasing this course, I want you to consider your own story. What brought you to this very moment, looking into the Mind Body Eating Program? What you are looking to transform? It’s a vulnerable and powerful conversation to have with yourself, and it will allow you to get clear on if this course is the next step for you.

Designed to support you through 4 Weeks,

and forever after that. 

» A positive and healthy relationship with food.

» To feel confident in the skin you’re in, and know that you are enough.

 » A huge psychological shift to release limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

» To end all forms of self-sabotage and live your best life.

» Know deep down that if you felt more relaxed and trusting with food, then you’d feel better in your body, which would help you in all areas of your life.

» To love and understand yoga even more than you do now.

Then the Mind Body Eating Program was made for You!

I definitely desired all of these things, and now I have them. Teleport back to my college and young professional days, I was so miserable. Completely consumed by obsessive thoughts with food, my body image, losing weight, not being good enough, and comparing myself to every other woman. I was stuck in the cycle of binge-emotional eating, over-exercising to negate the extra calories and to try and keep my “slim figure”. I was the girl that no one really knew was struggling, because I didn’t look like I was from the outside. But on the inside, I was so broken. I felt lost. I felt defeated. And I barely had any hope that I would ever be able to turn it all around… but I did. I quit the soul-sucking job. I took the Yoga Teacher Training. I did the Eating Psychology Coaching Certification. I started from scratch. I followed my heart and learned everything I needed to know to turn my story around.

Which is why I created this program!

I have to share this knowledge and wisdom with every single person that feels called to it. The last thing I want is for people to suffer in silence as long as I did. Nothing changed for me until I invested in myself, took action, and experimented (trial and error may I add) with what worked and what didn’t.

This first picture is when I was super stuck in cycles of self-sabotage. As you can see, I thought a Sprint Triathlon would fix all my problems and let me tell you, it didn’t. All the extra training actually made everything worse – I was putting more stress on my body, which led to out of body experiences with food and exercise, and therefore made me hold onto weight / continue to emotionally eat / overexercise / and beat myself up mentally with negative self-talk and beliefs. 

 ( BEFORE // 2013)

The next picture is me today! I no longer binge or compulsively eat food. I only do exercise that feels exciting, fun, and allows me to really enjoy being in my body. My diet is very flexible, and I’m able to eat pretty much whatever I want, as long as I stay present with how it makes me feel and honor those feelings consciously. (aka – sometimes the blueberry muffin is SO worth it! And other times, I can throw it away without any attachment to it.) And, I’ve made it my life’s mission to empower other people to have this same type of relationship with food and body – only in their own unique way. 

( AFTER // 2019)

The Mind Body Eating Program is everything that has worked.

And it’s worked for others too.

Four Steps to confidently and bravely up-level your self care game

and finally put yourself first. 

Module 1 ~ Love & Trust Yourself with Food, Body & Life

⇒  I believe this is the first step in healing your relationship with food and body; re-learning how to love and trust yourself. It’s a lot harder to make healthy decisions that support and nourish you from this inside/out, when the inside is suffering. In this first Module, I will guide you through a transformational exercise to reflect on your life story. You will also receive 11 foundational dimensions that I learned in my Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification, and a “Love & Trust Yourself” yoga sequence that I created specifically to go along with this module’s intention. By the end of Module 1, you will have created a new story and vision for yourself, learned how to slow down with food, body and life by practicing relaxation techniques, and will have so much more awareness around your biggest stressors and triggers. 


Module 2 ~ Unraveling Binge/Emotional & Overeating

 As I mentioned earlier, I used to struggle with binge/emotional & overeating. Module 2 is dedicated to deciphering the differences between these disordered ways of eating, and to bring light to why this is showing up for you in your life. We will get clear on specific triggers in your own life, the “higher purpose” of your current struggles with food, and experiment with practical tips and strategies to help alleviate your suffering. You will also receive 8 Dynamic Lifestyle Dimensions that I learned in my Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification, and a “Slow Down Yoga Sequence” that I created specifically to help you slow down, drop into a relaxation response, and practice mindful eating and living.

Module 3 ~ Getting Rid of Toxic Thoughts, Beliefs, Substances, & Events 

⇒ Underneath all our suffering is toxic negative thoughts, beliefs, substances & events that need to be addressed, evaluated, and proven wrong. Any thought that doesn’t feel good ultimately isn’t true, and there’s room for a better feeling thought or story to be told. I will introduce to you the 6 Root Causes of Self Sabotage, and help you figure out how they’re showing up in your life. We will also spend much of Module 6 on Body Image, and how these negative thoughts affect the way we see ourselves in the mirror. By the end of this module you will be a clear and loving communicator; not just with others, but towards yourself. 

Module 4 ~ The Power of Yoga, Meditation & Mind Body Living

 A turning point in my own healing journey was when I began to practice and study yoga, meditation, and mind body living. In Module 4, I will teach you some deeper aspects of yoga that you won’t get in a regular yoga studio class. We will go over the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and how you can start to apply them into your modern life. We touch on Ayurveda, which is the ancient healing science of yoga and nutrition. You will learn which Dosha you are, and why that matters in your relationship with food and life. You will also receive the “Everyday Yoga Practice” and “Everyday Breathing Techniques” videos made specifically for you to put this module into Action. By the end of this module you will know more than the average yogi, and will have knowledge and wisdom to guide you in the next steps on your yogic path.

What You Get: 


Module 1 ~ Love & Trust Yourself with Food, Body & Life
The first step in your self-worth journey. If you are in a cycle of self-sabotage, negativity, downward spiraling – let’s address that right away. 

  • 36 Minute Training Video
  • Exercise 1: Write Your Own Food Story
  • Implement: 11 Mind-Body Nutritional Dimensions
  • Practice: Love & Trust Yourself Yoga Sequence + Self Love Meditation
  • Bonus: Journaling Prompts

Module 2 ~ Unraveling Binge/Emotional & Overeating 
Understand in what way you are struggling with your relationship with food, and learn the ways to untangle the self defeating patterns. 

  • 75 Minute Training Video
  • Exercise 1: Do all the Journal Prompts/ Questions Provided
  • Implement: 8 Dynamic Lifestyle Dimensions
  • Practice: Slow Down Yoga Sequence + Evening Visualization
  • Bonus: Introduction to Non-Violent Communication & “The Work” of Byron Katie

Module 3 ~ Getting Rid of Toxic Thoughts, Beliefs, Substances, & Events 
You are your biggest critic. Learn these transformational tools to change the way you think, shift your perspective, and completely turn your life around.

  •  75 Minute Training Video
  • Exercise 1: Learn the 6 Root Causes of Self-Sabotage & How they Affect You
  • Implement: Judge Your Body Worksheet – Byron Katie & Learn Mirror Work
  • Practice: The Embodiment Yoga Sequence & the Pep Talk Meditation
  • Bonus: Smashing Self Sabotage – Group Coaching Call Archives

Module 4 ~ The Power of Yoga, Meditation & Mind Body Living

Learn the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Yoga and Ayurveda “the knowledge of life” in order to better know yourself and reset your nervous system everyday to interact from a source of Gratitude, Self Awareness, and Inner Peace.

  •  85 Minute Training Video
  • Exercise 1: Learn the 8 limbs of Yoga and How to Incorporate them Into Your Modern Life
  • Implement: The Dosha Quiz – The Ayurveda Experience
  • Practice: The Everyday Yoga Practice and the Everyday Breathing Techniques Video
  • Bonus: Listen to the Bija Mantra Meditation


If you feel called to take the Mind Body Eating Program, I would be honored to have you there! This is a self-study course, and you can reach out at anytime with questions to [email protected]. Once purchased you will receive lifetime updates.



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