Meet Macy Graham


* I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher, Eating Psychology Coach, Lifestyle Coach

* I love to practice and teach yoga

* I enjoy hiking, biking, and cross-training

* I’m passionate about coaching women who emotionally eat & want to find balance

* I love essential oils and am a DoTerra Wellness Advocate

* Must Love Dogs


Eating Psychology – What Everyone Should Know

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here. If you don’t already know my name is Macy and I’m the sole coach and owner of Hungryoga ~ the health and wellness platform that advocates yoga, mindful movement, eating psychology, lifestyle design, and conscious business ~ and today I’m here to share with you in the realm of Eating Psychology.

Now, I chose EP today because I realize it’s a newer term that’s been buzzing around the last couple years ~ and I was blessed enough to be in one of the first graduating classes from the Institute for Psychology of Eating ~ so I’m super excited to share some nuggets of wisdom with you, and my goal is to inform you about what I think Everyone Ought to Know About Eating Psychology.

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How to be a Confident & Relaxed Bride Instead of Bridezilla

 The biggest takeaways from my wedding day, and why it felt so perfect. Sure there was a lot of planning involved, but when it was finally 10.15.16...
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Binge Eating: Bake cookies without the freakout

Do you love to bake cookies, but are afraid that you will begin binge eating? There's is an underlying fear that once you start eating, you won't be...
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Criticism: why it doesn’t work & what to do instead

3 Simple Inquiries to shift criticism into acceptance  Do you notice what happens when we (society) allow criticism into our lives? Negative...
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Insights from Telluride Yoga Festival 2016

How lucky was I to attend the Telluride Yoga Festival this past weekend with my best friend and hundreds of other yogis. We rode the gondola and...
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Yoga Sculpt – Love Your Arms!

Can yoga sculpt help you LOVE your arms? I remember a time when I hated my arms. I was lifting really heavy weights in college athletics, and I was...
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Strength Training & Crossfit Sequence

I love strength training! But if all you do is lift heavy and don't focus on flexibility, you could be leaving the gym feeling like... I'm a yogi at...
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Overcome Binge Eating Faster: 4 Effective & Intuitive Ways To Do It

One day, all of a sudden, you found yourself binge eating, turning to food for comfort. It was so weird and strange because it had never...
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