Meet Macy Graham

I’m here to support, encourage, teach and coach you to feel a lot better in this game called Life.


I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher, Eating Psychology Coach & Lifestyle Coach.

I’m passionate about coaching over – eaters, achievers, believers, and doers by uncovering negative self-talk and transforming their struggles into strength. 




Mission Statement


Hungryoga is the place for you to learn more about your relationship with Self – manage all forms of Self-Sabotage – & Create a Lifestyle you Love. 


If you are curious about yoga, self-improvement, mind-body connection, eating psychology and lifestyle design… you will love Hungryoga!


HY offers online yoga videos, meditation audios, courses and trainings, and private coaching packages. 


We also offer Yoga, Pilates & Strength Classes at Ascent Therapy Clinic in Littleton, CO.

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Mindful Movement w/ Macy The new private facebook group that HY offers for free, quick, effective, fun, at-home "workouts". Hey loves! I'm really...
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Yoga Ayurveda Colorado Retreat : Pierre Couvillion

PIERRE COUVILLION: YOGA AYURVEDA COLORADO RETREAT   Hello everyone, it’s Macy here from Hungryoga and I’m excited to share...
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Appetizer – Mexican Tortilla Rollups

The appetizer that's Meatless, Mexican && Mess-less to eat?!?! I give you, Mexican Tortilla Rollups! Tortillas, greek cream cheese,...
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‘Cowboy Caviar’ aka ‘Nommy Dip’ Video Recipe!

NOMMY DIP IS SO GOOD!! Especially in the summertime, it's so refreshing! I have heard this called 'Texas Caviar' or 'Cowboy Caviar' but all I do is...
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Eating Psychology – What Everyone Should Know

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here. If you don’t already know my name is Macy and I’m the sole coach and owner of Hungryoga ~ the health and wellness platform that advocates yoga, mindful movement, eating psychology, lifestyle design, and conscious business ~ and today I’m here to share with you in the realm of Eating Psychology.

Now, I chose EP today because I realize it’s a newer term that’s been buzzing around the last couple years ~ and I was blessed enough to be in one of the first graduating classes from the Institute for Psychology of Eating ~ so I’m super excited to share some nuggets of wisdom with you, and my goal is to inform you about what I think Everyone Ought to Know About Eating Psychology.

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How to be a Confident & Relaxed Bride Instead of Bridezilla

 The biggest takeaways from my wedding day, and why it felt so perfect. Sure there was a lot of planning involved, but when it was finally 10.15.16...
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Binge Eating: Bake cookies without the freakout

Do you love to bake cookies, but are afraid that you will begin binge eating? There's is an underlying fear that once you start eating, you won't be...
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Criticism: why it doesn’t work & what to do instead

3 Simple Inquiries to shift criticism into acceptance  Do you notice what happens when we (society) allow criticism into our lives? Negative...
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