Meet Macy Graham

 Wellness Consultant. Mind Body Eating & Lifestyle Coach. 
Yoga Teacher.  

I’m also a hard core Dog Mom and love the Colorado Mountains.  

I was meant to run my own business and help people heal from similar traumas/experiences that I have gone through and done the work on.   

It’s my dharma to be of service only in ways that light my soul on fire, so I can set an example that you too, can do the same.     


Mission Statement

For you to feel empowered and at peace with decisions around food, moving your body, and creating the life you desire. 

Help young women end the cycle of binge eating and all forms of self-sabotage.

Create loving and impactful experiences through mindful movement and exercise that feels good. 

Build a community where all feel understood, heard, safe, and supported.

And Lastly, to provide relief.

Yoga Garden SF
Lifestyle Design Coach

Online Coaching

Ready for some deep personal development? I offer 1:1 coaching and a group coaching program called Embody Your Life. Lets go!

Online Courses

Disciplined enough to spend less, and do it all on your own time? That’s how I am too. Check out my self-study-all-at-your-own-pace nuggets.

Special Events & Workshop

I love to connect; especially with businesses and women groups who want Yoga & Wellness wrapped up into one.

Yoga, Pilates & Strength Classes

Enjoy some Mindful Movement in Littleton, Colorado! Sign Up for semi-private classes at