Meet Macy Graham

I’m here to support, encourage, teach and coach you to feel a lot better in this game called Life.


I’m a modern day Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Eating Coach & Lifestyle Coach.

I’m passionate about coaching over – eaters, achievers, believers, and doers by uncovering negative self-talk and transforming their struggles into strength. 




Mission Statement


Hungryoga is the place for you to learn more about your relationship with Self – manage all forms of Self-Sabotage – & Create a Lifestyle you Love. 


If you are curious about yoga, self-improvement, mind-body connection, eating psychology and lifestyle design… you will love Hungryoga!


HY offers online yoga classes, meditation audios, courses and trainings, and private coaching packages. 


We also offer Yoga, Pilates & Strength Classes at Ascent Therapy Clinic in Littleton, CO.

The Ultimate Wealth & Achievement Summit in Denver, Colorado

  Wealth & Achievement Takeaways from Tony Robbins, Robert Herjavec and Gary Vaynerchuk  I don’t always write, but when I do I want it to be...
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Smashing Self Sabotage – Coaching Call on Binge Eating & Alcohol

Welcome to the first Smashing Self Sabotage Coaching Call to be released on the blog! Smashing Self-Sabotage, or “SSS” for short, is a coaching call...
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Radio Interview with All Business Media FM

I had a lot of fun doing this interview about Hungryoga with All Business Media FM. They are an advertising company based out of New York that...
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Mind Body Eating Changed My Life & Can Change Yours Too

Mind Body Eating changed my life, and it could change yours too. If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, or negative body image - you...
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Overexercise Can Make You Overeat

These days I try to not overexercise. I only do exercise that feels good to me. It's not about burning the most calories possible, to me. It's not...
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Join the Facebook Group: Mindful Movement w/ Macy

Mindful Movement w/ Macy The new private facebook group that HY offers for free, quick, effective, fun, at-home "workouts". Hey loves! I'm really...
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Yoga Ayurveda Colorado Retreat : Pierre Couvillion

PIERRE COUVILLION: YOGA AYURVEDA COLORADO RETREAT   Hello everyone, it’s Macy here from Hungryoga and I’m excited to share...
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Appetizer – Mexican Tortilla Rollups

The appetizer that's Meatless, Mexican && Mess-less to eat?!?! I give you, Mexican Tortilla Rollups! Tortillas, greek cream cheese,...
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