About Macy

Macy Graham is a Yoga Teacher, Mind Body Eating Coach, Lifestyle Designer & Online Course Creator that helps people overcome limiting beliefs around food, body image, exercise, and life. 

She offers online courses & programs, private and group coaching, training bundles, mindful movement videos, meditation audios, and a ton of freebies through her email list. 

Macy believes that you can create a life exactly the way you want it to be. You just have to be very clear on “what it is that you want”. She is passionate about everything she teaches because she lives and breathes it (deeply). “I’m the example to show you; you are worthy of everything you desire.”

Macy has a Business Management & Leadership Degree from the University of Kansas. She is also a RYT at the 200 hr, Mind-Body Eating Coach certified by the Institute for Psychology of Eating, & Lifestyle Design Coach certified by Abundant Yogi

She went from hating her corporate management job, to becoming a full-time yoga teacher, coach, and online entrepreneur. She loves learning new marketing and business ideas, but can’t imagine not being able to take nature breaks or teach her students in-person. She lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband David and Pup-in-Crime Miss Molly. 

Lots of Love,

I’m Macy Graham. I’m a modern world yoga & mindful movement teacher, mind-body eating coach & your online lifestyle designer. I’m here to help you get crystal clear on what it is that you want, and what it is that’s holding you back from having it. Whether you are overeating, overthinking, or overexercising — I’m here to give you relief and help you realign with your highest calling in life. To create freedom and flexibility be authentically yourself. 

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