Eating Psychology + Mind Body Nutrition Workshop


Welcome to the Eating Psychology + Mind Body Nutrition Workshop from Hungryoga!

If you don’t know me yet – HEY – it’s Macy! You will be hearing my voice for the next 45-minutes ; ) And hopefully a lot more often after this workshop!

I wanted to provide you a ton of value, at no cost to you, because I’m obsessed with my training as a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and know you will love it too. I believe that this workshop will provide you the fundamentals to radically improve your relationship with self – food – body. 

In this workshop I get really personal, and share a big part of my story with you. I TRUST that the right people will hear this, and that it will transform lives. 

There is one thing that I ask: If this workshop resonates with you. If you keep finding yourself nodding ‘yes’ and you agree with what I’m saying… AND you are deeply STRUGGLING with any of the eating challenges that I present to you in this workshop…

Email [email protected] so we can go deeper in a 1:1 Discovery Call.

You have been struggling long enough, and you are here for a reason.


& Enjoy the Workshop!

<3 Macy

PS – If you want to continue to receive Eating Psychology Coaching from me after this workshop, make sure and confirm your email request!

Think we would make a good team?

Schedule a complimentary 20-Minute Discovery Coaching Call with me to get started. It’s free – so there’s nothing to lose but limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Email [email protected] to schedule your DCC.