> Do you feel stuck in your life?

> Do you wish that you loved your body?

> Do you struggle knowing what to eat, how to eat, when to eat – to feel and look your best?

> Are you currently emotionally eating, binge eating, or experiencing negative body image?

> Do you wish more than anything to just feel like yourself again? 

If so, I can totally relate with you… In college was a young and active woman who seemed like I really  had my shit together – I was beautiful, average build, loved to exercise and seemed successful on all levels. While I looked confident, happy, and seemed like I life was perfect… behind closed doors there was some serious self-sabotage going on with binge eating – and I desperately wanted to change that. I wanted to feel the freedom I once had when food didn’t consume my every thought, and I accepted my body for what it was.

But the thing is:  I felt like I had no control over my actions around food, and didn’t know how to stop binge eating or feel comfortable in my body. I felt so stuck. And guilty. And shameful for living this emotional rollercoaster with food. It was so overwhelming to try and get ‘back on track’ and figure out what started this craziness in the first place.

But I finally decided enough. I was ready to shift. I was ready to commit. I was ready to invest in myself in a big way and to

change my life. Deep down I knew my life was meant for way more than that. 

So I followed my heart, and quit my corporate job to attend yoga teacher training and then made another huge investment to

become a Mind Body Eating Coach, and then a Lifestyle Design Coach. I completely changed my life. I healed. I finally got the

transformation I was looking for. 

I’m deeply compassionate {and slightly obsessed} with helping women feel freedom with food, body, and life. The Mind Body Eating Private Coaching Program is made for the woman who is struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, negative body image, and is ready to transform their lives in a darastic way. 

It’s my ‘job’ to listen to your story – the real one. To find the loopholes, the nooks and crannies to be filled in order to get you where you want to go. I’ve got a pretty good ear {ask anyone who knows me well} and I’m not afraid to call you out if I hear something that’s holding you back. It’s my duty to smash self-sabotage and replace it with self-care and devotion to your highest evolution.

If you are ready to admit that what you have tried in the past HASN’T worked –

at least not enough to stop obsessing about food & feel confident in your own skin – than this program is the next step.


Mind Body Eating – Private Coaching is perfect for you if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You feel ready to fully commit to growth and transformation – mind, body & soul. You’re seeking the knowledge and wisdom of how to change your thoughts (or psychology) around food, body, and overall lifestyle. You understand that the slippery slope of weight loss is much more complex than eat less, exercise more. 


The Package includes:

> 1 Initial Intake Coaching Call  (90 minutes)
> 9 Follow Up Coaching Calls (60 Minutes)
> Every session recorded and emailed for you to keep
> Unlimited text/email support between sessions
> Guides/Homework/Resources/Articles – relevant to each session
> Freebies – personalized creative content for you and your journey
> Private Facebook Group – HY Inner Circle Access
> 6 Months of Unconditional Support


Follow Up Sessions:
After you complete the 6 Month Program you can continue to receive coaching calls at a discounted rate of $125 per session.


Transform your Life Price:
$3000 in full or 6 Payments of $500 paid at the beginning of each month for the 6 months. 


Ready to finally transform your relationship with food and body image?


                        Pay in full $3000 

               6 Payments of $500 

" I came here to find freedom around food and find peace with my body. It was really starting to take over my life, I was being consumed by binge eating and was really unhappy with my body, and I needed to find freedom from that. I knew right away that I was in the right place because of how much Macy and I had in common. She made it such a safe environment and I felt like I could trust her. She was really invested in me which is what helped me dig deep.

I was skeptical at first with the 'yoga side' of the healing, and now it's my favorite form of movement. I figured since it worked for her and helped her overcome binge eating than I ‘might as well give it a shot’. 

I got what I came here for, in different ways in what I thought I would. I was hoping that I’d lose a lot of weight, which I didn't, but now I look at life differently, I’m more loving to myself, I feel better in the exact same body that I had before. And now I know how to honor my body. I’ve learned ways to overcome negative thoughts and I’ve really gone outside of my comfort zone which has been the best.   

I think any girl struggling with binge eating, or anyone who is unhappy with their body or even any part of their life could benefit from working with Macy. I look at myself differently now and in a more accepting way. I really can’t imagine where I would be if I wouldn’t have done this. I’m really proud of myself for doing this, it was the best decision." 

Lexi Hardiek

3 Month Program, Eating Psychology Coaching, Student of Physical Therapy

"I came to Hungryoga to find freedom from stress and guilt that I had around food  and controlling exercise. I didn’t want my self worth to be reliant on what food I ate or how much exercise I was doing.

I felt like I was in the right place after my Discovery Coaching Call with Macy. I told myself that I was going to find the relief that I had been looking for, and I ended up getting what I came here for - even more than what I imagined.

I feel like a new person and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Food isn’t a major issue anymore, and it used to consume my life. I would recommend working with Macy to anybody who struggles with their identity or finding who they are. I think they’d be able to figure that out through this program.

Courtney Cook

6 Month Program, Eating Psychology Coaching, C-Marie.com

I came to Hungryoga to get relief from feeling lost, and didn’t understand why I was self-sabotaging in many ways. I was just really tired of feeling that way. I wasn’t 100% sure I was in the right place, but had a really good feeling once I read Macy's testimonial on Facebook. It hit really close to home for me. I wasn’t skeptical about the program, but I had my doubts about truly coming to terms with how I was feeling and being able to change - and have the desire to do so. When I finally took Macy's advice and started doing artwork in the morning, I realized I wasn’t taking good care of myself. I was working out like crazy but wasn’t truly taking care of myself. I had to be okay with it being a slow process. 

I feel like I got myself back - the me that I remember years ago. My goal wasn’t to lose a ton of weight - I knew that that couldn’t be the overarching goal. I had to change what was ‘eating at me’.

I would recommend Macy's coaching program to several types of people. Anybody that's feeling lost, like they have tried every program out there, currently taking tons of diet pills, going for a quick fix intead of taking care of themselvecs, binge eating or have any kind of digestion or stomach issues, people using food or alcohol as a crutch, and people who have faithfully worked out for years and can't understand why they haven't seen the results they desire. 

Penny Sheldon

6 Month Program, Eating Psychology Coaching, Loving Mother & Wife

You reminded me that this isn't just me, other people feel this way too. When you showed me that there are other adult picky eaters, the way that made me feel was incredible. It reassured me that as an adult I'm not alone in this. The comfort and support you provided was amazing. You're awesome Macy!

Jordy Frankel

3 Breakthrough Coaching Calls - Eating Psychology Coaching Program, CU Student ~ Alpha Chi Omega