Prenatal Yoga Online Program


There are 7 focus practices plus 12 bonus prenatal vinyasa yoga classes that will keep you balanced, refreshed, and active throughout your pregnancy.

Welcome to the Prenatal Yoga Program!


There are 7 focus practices plus 12 bonus prenatal vinyasa yoga classes that will keep you balanced, refreshed, and active throughout your pregnancy. 


For equipment (recommended but not required) you will need a yoga mat, 2-3 lb dumbbell weights, bolsters or blankets, yoga blocks, and a strap.


Each video I will let you know what week I’m in, but all videos will be safe for all trimesters. I was pregnant with my twin boys, Gunner and Gorden, for 35 weeks 6 days. I ended up having an Emergency C Section 3 days after the last video in this course because I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was able to practice yoga throughout my entire pregnancy at least three times per week. Every pregnancy, labor, and delivery story is unique and beautiful.


No matter how confident and health you are right now, Please consult with your doctor before practicing any of these videos in the Prenatal Yoga Program from Hungry Yoga LLC.


Here’s What You Get: 

7 Focus Practices 

Class 1 (62 Minutes): Begin your prenatal journey inward. We spend a few minutes seated to ground and get present. Then add movement with neck and spine stretches, lunges and hamstrings, and balance in tree and column pose. Majority of this class is performed standing but we finish with some supine hip stretches that are surely needed. Savasana can be practiced on your side or laying on your back with support. 

Class 2 (37 Minutes) : A well rounded practice that is great for spinal health, side stretching, hamstrings and hips. Safe all trimesters but filmed Week 10 of pregnancy. This is a great one to do if you are short on time, or need a simple practice to get you moving and on with the rest of your day.


Class 3 (51 Minutes): Yoga Sculpt is a fitness based yoga class that you will need light dumbbell weights. Safe for all trimesters but filmed Week 11 of pregnancy. I encourage you to do this practice when you have good energy and are up for more of a challenge.


Class 4 (57 Minutes): Yin Yoga allows us to calm the nervous system, deeply stretch, and restore our mind, body, heart, and soul. Safe for all trimesters but filmed during Week 16 of pregnancy. Yin Yoga requires props, so grab a big bolster, small bolster, blocks and a strap. (Pillows and blankets work great too!) Best to practice when you feel stressed, anxious, tired, or just need a slower paced class.


Class 5 (53 Minutes): The bump is out in full force! Filmed Week 32 of pregnancy but safe all trimesters. I begin to focus more on opening of the hips and pelvis which is benefical for baby positioning and labor.


Class 6 (44 Minutes): Feeling super pregnant? Me too. Filmed Week 34 of pregnancy but safe for all trimesters. I would recommend this practice towards the end of your pregnancy. I do use a big exercise ball at the end of this practice – very nice to have but not required!


Class 7 (39 Minutes): This was filmed 3 days before my handsome twin boys were born at 35 Weeks 6 days. Safe for all trimesters, but best used close to labor and delivery. We begin with neck stretches, heart openers, inner thighs and malasana squat. Then grab your big exercise ball again if you have it!


12 BONUS CLASSES! (60 Minute Classes)

Class 1 (Week 6 of Pregnancy)

Class 2 (Week 7 of Pregnancy)

Class 3 (Week 8 of Pregnancy)

Class 4 (Week 11 of Pregnancy)

Class 5 (Week 12 of Pregnancy) 

Class 6 (Week 15 of Pregnancy

Class 7 (Week 16 of Pregnancy)

Class 8 (Week 17 of Pregnancy)

Class 9 (Week 18 of Pregnancy)

Class 10 (Week 21 of Pregnancy)

Class 11 (Week 25 of Pregnancy)

Class 12 (Week 29 of Pregnancy)


After you Purchase the Program:
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Unlimited Replays.
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I can’t wait to see you in the course!




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